Slugfest (with fabric)

The reason I called it a slugfest yesterday: I have all these great fabrics on the shelf screaming for attention. When I’m laying them out on my design table, I always feel like it’s big fight between patterns and colors, but it’s survival of the fittest. I’m waiting to see if the pink and purple polka-dots knocks out the blue and orange plaid.

For my current project, I wish I had more shocking pinks. I only have a few good ones in the semi-finals. I know many artists only use their own hand-dyed fabrics. but I love plaids, polka-dots, and stripes and avidly collect them. There’s just something funnier about a plaid pretzel than a plain old orange one.

Humor is a strange and mysterious thing. Why for example, are some words funny and others are not? When I was first thinking about doing a yoga quilt, I thought “Yoga” or “Pilates”. Yoga just sounds funnier. Pretzel sounds funnier than rice cracker. At least to me, and maybe I’m all alone here?

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