White Powdered Donuts

Yesterday I was late again to the studio. If I had a real boss, I’d be fired by now. But Russ and I spent the morning taking our old boiler apart. It’s broken and the old part of the house is sucking the heat from the rest of the rooms. I liked learning about how the system was supposed to work, even if I’m helpless to fix it, at least I’m a smarter helpless person.

Which reminds me of one reason my husband and I get along so well. I have a great talent for taking things apart, but not much skill at putting them back together. Russ on the other hand, can fix anything — computers, cars, machines, you name it.

We met in a university sculpture class. Maybe it was fate, we were both auditing the class (meaning no credit, no grade). The first day I was sitting there, eating those little white powdered donuts for which I have a real weakness. I saw this guy looking at me, and became self conscious. It’s hard to eat those donuts without getting the white powder all over yourself. So, embarressed, I offered him one. He said it was love at first sight!

Our first date was for jalapeno and mushroom pizza. Our second date was to the hardware store.

Later one evening when we were dating, we were driving in an old truck to pick up some firebrick to build a ceramic kiln. He asked me what I wanted out of life. I can’t even remember what I said, something like “to make art, to live in a cool old neighborhood near a university, to travel and have fun…” The next day he asked me to marry him. I guess I said the right thing.

As to where and how he asked me, well that’s a story for another day…

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