Hanging the Show

Yesterday we spent a LONG day at Hawthorn Gallery hanging the 70+ quilts for our show. Everyone pitched in a worked together beautifully, but still by the end of the day, my brain felt like the snow on the road home–like cold, gray mush.

One humorous moment at lunch at the retro Gailey’s Breakfast Bar, Merrilee and Lettie doing impressions of Lettie’s husband. Since Lettie has only been making fabric art for a couple of month, the phenomena is completely new to him. He came into her studio that was strewn with scraps of fabric and said, “Well this looks like a perfectly good hobby run completely amuck!”

Later I’ll post some photos of us hanging the show that Russ took. Once again, I reap the rewards of his Christmas present–a really nice new digital camera with lots of lenses and doo-dads that keep showing up in mail, even though it’s way past Christmas…

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