The First Friday Art Walk fell on February 4th and on the second day of our show. Actually this was planned. I’m still wondering about the timing, but still think it was good to have the Artist’s Reception the night before. Although most of the out of town artists couldn’t stay over for Friday, I think it was better to have two nights of events to help build the buzz.

Things started early, the director of the art museum always hits events early, but through the night, I heard he was sending people in off the street to see my Sushi quilt. Above you can see a couple of young guys studying it. Wonder what they’re thinking?

On Friday we also had live music, as most of the galleries do wine, food, and some do music to try to spice up the event. Behind the musician is one of Lucy Silliman’s monster quilts. (my term for big)

Throughout the night I heard many wonderful things. That the display was arranged nicely to draw people through the exhibit. That the art made people smile. That it was one of the most interesting gallery shows in Springfield ever!

The head of the art and architecture department at Drury University even asked me to do a solo show at the new Pool Art Center next year. How exciting and terrifying! But I’ve already thought up a name for it…

I can’t list all the people who came, but I’m so grateful to everyone who did. In the center of the photo is the Mayor. Of course, I take yoga at 6 am with him and his wife in the basement of his downtown law building so I’ve been SUBTLY reminding them for a month to come see the show. He’s talking to our city manager who is ecstatic about the crowds downtown that night. We also had many family, friends, artist pals, art profs, business friends, kids of friends, twenty-somethings, and bar flies….

One woman even showed up with her work in progress. She had read the article in the paper and wanted to show me “Pies and Pets,” a self-portrait of herself with the title embroideried right on the quilt. Well, that’s not so different from what I’m doing, is it?

I wish I had thought to have Russ get a portrait of every artist in the show. Here’s a great one of Susan Leslie Lumsden in front of one of her quilts. She’s also having a solo show at City Hall this month, so we’re really saturating this town in fiber art!

First Friday is usually popular, but we were lucky to have an unseasonably warm evening. With twelve galleries participating it’s sometimes hard to get around to every gallery, but I’d say by the way the gallery was jam-packed all evening, everyone made it to the Hawthorn that night, probably between 400 to 500 people over the three hours. Several people told me they were coming back when it wasn’t so crowded so they could see the art!

Before the night was half over, gallery owner Steve Dlack was saying to me, “We are going to do this again next year right? The annual fiber show!….”

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