Uncommon Threads: Artists’ Reception

Lettie Blackburn points to the first sale of the show. After the newspaper article came out Thursday morning, people started coming into the gallery right after lunch. This piece actually sold before the reception.

You can see along this wall of the gallery that we had several smaller quilts framed. Laura also mixed other media with the art quilts to show people how our quilts could be hung with other types of art.

Since Lucy Silliman (center) drives from Kansas to our group meetings, the reception was the first time we met her husband.

Throughout the evening we did some demonstrations of machine quilting that were very popular. Here I’m working on a small piece with lots of bright hearts–since it’s February, I have valentines on the brain.

We had around 200 people attend the artists’ reception on Thursday evening, and after it all here’s a tired but happy Merrilee Tieche and Lettie Blackburn.

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