Uncommon Threads: Hanging the Show

I’m finally getting around to posting photos from the gallery show. It was a snowy February morning, but we got off to a good start on the first floor after hanging Lucy Silliman’s huge quilt. These wonderful photos are all courtesy of my “magic with the camera” husband Russ RuBert.

Gallery manager Laura Lacey hangs one of Rosemary Claus-Gray’s gorgeous sheers above a lighted case.

Rosemary shows me her small pieces that she has shrink-wrapped on matboard. Of course I had to buy one and can’t wait to frame it.

Gallery owner Steve Dlack takes a break on top of his ladder to watch everyone else.

Emmie Seaman hangs her tornado series. She did this series after a tornado destroyed much of her hometown last year.

I sort out some smaller quilts to hang in an alcove. There were lots of interesting spaces within the gallery to use. To my left is Emmie’s “divorce” quilt, and in my right hand is a piece by Diane Kelsay.

After filling the first floor, we moved to the lower level. We had 72 quilts and used every bit of space we could.

Getting goofy in the basement. It took eight of us working seven hours on Wednesday, and we weren’t completely done by the end of the day…

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