While I’m on the subject of weddings, I saw this yesterday in a Giant Robot Lounge discussion about alternative wedding cake toppers. Giant Robot is a kind of a hip art and culture Asian-American magazine. The lounge discussions crack me up, and I like to drop in once in a while when I’m feeling stodgy. I also love the name.

Giant Robot is where I first learned I had the dratted Asian Flush syndrome, a hereditary maybe allergic reaction to alcohol. I’d say two out of five times when I drink, I get really red all over my body, which is embarressing but bearable. What’s not is the heart palpatations, shortness of breath and rapid pulse. Which really puts a damper on my aspirations at living the bohemian artist’s life–normally I’m kind of quiet and low-key, but you should hear me after a couple of glasses of wine.


  • i’m getting married in a few years and my fiance and i have decided on a goth meets vampire and a little tattooed mixed theme… would anyone know where i could get a tattoo gun cake topper?

  • can you please send me some funny cake toppings as i am getting married next year and i would like something difrent on top of my cake, thanks heaps. 🙂

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