Here’s a valentine I made today–no, actually I started it a couple of weeks ago. Then I stopped because I thought I would give Russ a drawing I’m working on called “The Garlic Eaters.” Then I decided he might not think that was very romantic (but really it will be in a strange way.) So I went back to the always successful, I Love You Heart theme. Here’s a closeup:

This is different than the way I usually work, but I’m really interested in doing more drawing with the thread in constrast to the colors of the fabric. This is rainbow Jean-Stitch thread which is fun to use.

I also got inspired looking at blogs to practice writing, and actually now I can write better with the sewing machine than I can with a pen. I have horrible hand-writing, and I get a cramp in my hand after I write two sentences, which is why I like to type.

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