After messing around far too long with my blog because the archives weren’t working right, I took off to explore the NYC Garment District. I seem to make every trip I take into a mission and this time it was to find fabric.

This is not new. Last fall I took a cab all the way across New Orleans to find the only quilt shop in town, and I wasn’t disappointed. The woman working there told me, “We like bright colors here” and she was right.

Today I had polka dots on my mind, and so I took off walking with Paula Nadelstern’s list in my hand. I knew I was getting close when I saw the big button.

I already knew where I was going, but stopped into the big button kiosk to see what they would say. “Most dense concentration of fabric stores in the world is right on that block, 39th street between 7th and 8th.” I would later find out they were right, but for now I walked in the opposite direction because Paula says on her list that she always starts at B&J.

I’m glad I had that list. B&J is on the second floor of a non-descript building called the Fashion Center and there’s no way anyone would suspect it was there. Twenty-two polka dot fabrics I found that I liked, so it was just a matter of getting them cut.

Next it was off to explore the most densely populated block of fabric stores in the world. I walked by dozens of stores but didn’t have time to go in any, not that I wanted to. I was already happy with my polka dot collection, and so I hailed a cab to get to the MOMA.

The Museum of Modern Art has been completely redone, and for all the hype, I was a little disappointed. The architect has designed the building to “disappear” behind the art, but I thought they could have used a few bright quilts on some of the blank walls! I also got cold feet whenever I had to walk across one of the many catwalks with glass walls because my fear of heights kicked in in a major way.

I liked the Architecture and Design floor and made special note of some hanging methods for displaying rolls of fabric. The print gallery that I had read about in the NYTimes was excellent, and so was the fact that I could take photos of some world-famous paintings by some of my favorite artists such as Chagall, Kandinsky, and Gaugin.

Over all though the MOMA lost out, because I enjoyed the Tim Hawkinson show at the Whitney much more.

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