Finally back home after many delayed flights, I’m trying to decompress and absorb all the art we have seen. Unfortunately my appetite still doesn’t realize that I’m not walking 40-50 blocks a day…

We spent Saturday traveling to Dia:Beacon, a huge museum that’s about an hour and half by train from Grand Central Station. A revamped factory, it opened in 2003 to house the Dia collection of art. No photos allowed. My favorite was the Andy Warhol room, but the Richard Serras were impressive, and the Michael Heizer was powerfully creepy. Overall I loved the warm feel of the “daylight” factory museum, but probably won’t return since the exhibits are permanent. Above is an ‘illegal’ photo taken inside a Serra spiral sculpture.

Russ had been spending each evening taking photos of The Gates after dark, something he really has a talent for, but I was too thin-skinned to venture out in the 17 degree weather for several hours.

On Saturday though, we met some friends from Springfield for a quick visit of The Gates, and then had dinner at a Korean Zen vegan restaurant on 32nd Street called Hangawi: a vegatable shrine in another place and time. I had some weird salad made from a root flown in specially from Korea. The food was great, and we finished off with yummy little rice mochi cakes dusted with coconut.

Sunday was our last day, and we entered Central Park from 72nd Street on the west side. We climbed to top of Belvedere Castle to look out over the park.

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