After watching the finale of Project Runway, I did this PhotoShop collage with altered orgami paper, old magazine ads, and the font Kiddie Cocktails from Although I put skulls on the girls’ dresses, it still looks like it needs something else…daggers coming out of their eyes maybe.

I wasn’t really interested in Project Runway when everyone else was watching it, but Russ with his usual foresight, Tivo-ed it for me. I couldn’t believe how evil and erratic Wendy was and kept wondering if they paid her to act that way. If Wendy and Kara Saun hadn’t been fighting the whole last show, they would have had trouble filling two hours, but it gave me heartburn.

But in the end it was worth it to see Jay win. I loved what the judges said, about his work seeming original and straight from inside of him, very unique and not too serious. That part was very uplifting.

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