You Call That Art?

Okay, I’m all hot about something, so I’m going to get on my soapbox. Last night on ABC News 20/20 there was a editorial piece called “You Call That Art?” and it made me mad.

Here’s a link to the author’s viewpoint.While the author did mention the most obviously controversial art pieces like The Gates and Damien Hirst’s work (which I kind of like, but won’t go into here), he really based most of his argument on a very small part of the bigger art picture–abstract expressionism painting.

Using his “test” on whether a few people could tell the work of some abstract expressionist painters from those of some young kids, he then makes the leap that we should all protest government funding for the arts.

He makes no effort to address the good things that museums do and how they enrich so many people’s lives. Nor that they exhibit much more than he selectively presented. Nor does he mention the long lines to get into museums or that art museum attendance is continually growing. Actually in the US nationwide attendance to art museums and performances surpasses attendance to professional sporting events. I tried to find some current statistics, but the most recent I could find are here.

Not only that, but the amount of government funding that goes to art is so small compared most anything else. And yet it’s always under attack, maybe because it is a visible, emotional topic. Never mind that besides enriching people’s lives, the arts can generate a lot of economic growth related to creating jobs and tourism.

Now that I’ve got that said, I’m off to the studio to make some art!

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