Uncommon Threads – March Meeting

We had our Uncommon Threads meeting today at the studio. It seems like everyone’s gotten back their energy (or is that just chattiness) since last meeting. I think then we were all still stunned and recovering from hanging the show and all the other hulabaloo.

As usual, Lucy Silliman showed up with more work finished than anyone else! Lettie intensely quizes her about her new Center Ring quilt. It had a nice hand-painted background with Seta-colors.

Lily Kerns showed off a gorgeous fractal print that she did at a Technology Conference at North Carolina State University. Up close, it had a shimmery appearance, I guess because it was printed on silk.

Cathy Jeffery had finished another tyvek piece with a nice use of colored thread. The back was as interesting as the front.

And another beauty by Lucy. I really like this one, maybe because it sort of looks Japanese to me.

Every one agreed that we should take Hawthorn Gallery up on the offer to have another fiber show next year. We also heard about Emmie’s trip to see the Gee’s Bend quilts in Memphis, and watched the end of the Women’s Work dvd that we had started last fall. All in all, it was a pretty good meeting.

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