Metal Man’s Home!

The wagon train pulled in late last night, sunburnt and weary, but jazzed because of a successful mission accomplished. The new sculpture, Russ says, is a kid-magnet, so I am anxiously awaiting him to download all the photos from the digital camera. But right now’s he’s busy looking over some 6,000 plus emails that are sitting in his in-box.

I’m anxious to see the photos, because that’s one of my jobs — chief documentator of installations, that along with food-runner, curious crowd question-answerer and all sorts of other odd things that come up at such events. But since I wasn’t able to go, and if the person he sweet-talked into taking photos didn’t do a good job, well, that’s all she wrote because there won’t be another chance. But I will post something as soon as I can get my grubby little hands on it.

On the home front, I’ve been a good girl and working all week on my new quilt. It’s going pretty well except that the green, pink, and purple combination I’ve decided on is really stretching me. I’ve taken photos along the way, but have been too tired at night to post them. Maybe I’ll get some on later tonight, unless I can talk Metal Man into a swank celebration dinner.

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