When I first saw the new topic for Illustration Friday, I thought for sure I’d have to recycle the rock-climbing drawing I did back in the February blog archives, but then suddenly *BING* I had a new idea as I lay on the sofa and thought about Russ judging barbeque at the Rock-N-Ribs festival this weekend. He’s a certified barbeque judge, something that lots of people seem interested in talking about about, so I thought barbeque would also make a good subject for a drawing and a quilt.

Click on the drawing to see a larger image, but if you still can’t read the writing, PaMdora’s bottle says Sauce for Sissies, the chef’s apron says I’m Hot You’re Not, and the trophy says 1st Place – Hotter Than H. On a quilt you’ll be able to read this because the quilt would be about 54″ x 45″ (not quite Viking size, eh?) I must be vertically challenged in more ways than one, since I tried all weekend to make a vertical design, but it just wanted to be horizontal.

The point of really good barbeque isn’t to make it hot, it’s to make it good, but for me to even consider eating barbeque with my recent attacks of acid-reflux is DARING. Oh, and if any of you are interested in the barbeque judging thing, it’s a very nice hobby. Since Russ has taken that up, I can lie around eating good all summer because he’s become a very good cook and can grill just about anything. Entertaining is so easy, I just make a salad and he does all the rest, yumm!

Speaking of vertically challenged, I had another inspiration for a Daring Drawing, but not enought time. Russ also kept me entertained all weekend by running up and down a 20′ ladder next to the house, peeking in the window at me on the sofa.

He has just bought a new super-duper antenna that is supposed to bring in all sorts of high-definition local channels to compliment his dish channels, so he was running up and down, up and down to adjust the antenna by tiny amounts, calling me on his cell phone from the roof. Since I don’t know how to change channels using the 43 remotes that are strewn across the coffee table, I wasn’t a very good assistant.

I did finally make it out of the house at the end of the weekend to go across the street for a neighborhood Baseball and Sushi Party. It was a fund-raiser to send a local band of grizzly muscians called the Garbanzos to Japan for a sister city festival exchange. Russ grilled teriyaki hotdogs, and there was sushi, more barbeque and brats, baseball, trampolines, a silent art auction, and Asahi (I even had a little sip!)

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