When I saw that the Illustration Friday theme for this week was Mischief, I was happy because I had already started this drawing. There’s plenty of mischief going on here, and lingerie itself seems to be all about mischief. It got to be pretty fun when I decided to add the Channel 5 Eye Witness News Team. You can click on the image for a bigger version.

I thought I was doing pretty well drawing bras, but then I saw Julie’s art bra on her HighFiberContent blog. I guess I need to get more into embellishment if I’m going to be really Hot, Hot, Hot.

I had trouble naming the lingerie store. Lingerie Boutique sounds a little too tame. Tried Lingerie Land but it sounded too much like a miniature golf park, but hey wouldn’t that be a fun one?! Tried to think of a spoof on Victoria Secret (which where by the way is where I got my models for my mannequins) but couldn’t. Any ideas?

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