Taxidermy & Tattoos

After I saw this sign yesterday, I had to return with a camera. I often see crazy things that tickle my funny bone, but this ranks really high on my bizzaro-meter. I’m not sure if the tattoos are for the animals being taxidermied or the people who bring them in, but it’s definitely a sign for a single establishment (a small brick house that’s been converted to commercial property.)

I can’t image tattooing a fish, but maybe a mammal. But then you’d have to shave it…hmmm…..Oh just the phrase “Nature’s Image” gets my poetic juices flowing, but even more inspiring is the idea that there’s a gallery too!

The only thing I can see missing is a $7.95 all-you-can-eat buffet. Then you could get bare with your bear, both get stuffed, and get tattoos. One stop does it all! I wish I had the courage to go inside.

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