Time for a Re-work

In my studio there’s a small bookcase where I keep my cd player, and this clock hangs above it. Today as I was changing a cd, I noticed the reflection of my design wall. Sometimes I take photos of my work in progress to make decisions. Some people use a reducing glass. Now I have the new technique — “the clock reflection method.”

I think making art is more like a dance than a race. It’s not usually a direct, fast route between two points, it’s more like a walz, around and around. And I’ve dancing around with this piece:

Reconstructed the tub (from the backside, that’ll mess with your head if you’re fusing – screwed the fusible side up several times). Looked at submarine photos, and the sub kept growing in size and complexity. Then looked at the most famous sub of all and went back to my very first sub drawing. Changed the color of the water, which changed the color of the sub. Went shopping for more pinks, and remade PaMdora in a lighter pink. And not necessarily in that order.

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