20 Things about Me

Holly tagged me, so here goes — Twenty Things about Me. My favorite subject, of course!

1. In high school I accidently set fire to my junior class homecoming float.

2. One of my earliest memories is making snow angels. That’s where you lay on your back in freshly fallen snow and move your arms up and down to make a silhouette of an angel.

3. I was devastated to learn that pamcakes weren’t named after me.

4. My favorite food is artichokes.

5. In the fourth grade I heard that to be a good spy, you had to be able to read upside down so that when you were talking to someone at their desk, you could secretly be reading all of their papers. So I practiced reading upside, and the other kids in my class made fun of me.

6. I’ve been extremely near-sighted as long as I can remember. In the second grade I wore blue cat-eye glasses, and in the fourth, brown cat-eye glasses.

7. The craziest job I ever had was delivering singing telegrams. The crazy thing is, I can’t sing.

8. I love to go inside old houses and buildings that need lots of work because then I can image how I would turn them into wonderful artists’ studios.

9. I hate it when I pull on a t-shirt or turtle neck and find out that I’ve put it on backwards and the tags are poking me in the throat.

10. I was once bit on the little toe by a chimpanzee.

11. My maiden name means “golden river” in Japanese.

12. I obsessively buy luggage, carry-on bags, tote bags, and anything I think will help me get organized. However this is not my fault, I think it is genetic.

13. I once had a dog who was video-taped by a Japanese television station.

14. My husband and I were married on a cliff overlooking a lake. The wedding party was below on pontoon boats, and the Celtic band was on a hand-made raft. After the ceremony, I took off my wedding dress and jumped into the lake with my new husband. (I had a swim suit on under the wedding dress.)

15. I’ve noticed in videos of myself that I walk like a duck.

16. I love Halloween, it’s my favorite holiday. One year I dressed as the tooth fairy, another year as a picnic.

17. Someday I’d like to build a treehouse.

18. I always think I can learn to do anything if I can just find a book on about it. One time at the library I found a book called, How to Cut Your Own Hair, so I did.

19. I have a theory called the First and Third. The first impression you have of someone is your gut reaction. The second impression comes over time, with socialization and interaction. Then one day something happens and the third impression reconfirms your first gut instinct.

20. One of the first poems I ever wrote was called “I am a Pickle.”

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