Color Studies

Last night I couldn’t sleep, so I worked on these little color studies. They’re actually not little, they are really full size drawings 42″ by 70″, but I found that if I had four open at once in my drawing program and use the tile horizontally command, they popped into a little pattern like you see here.

It’s handy for trying to decide on a color palatte. After narrowing it down to red, orange, and blue, there are still many choices. I like looking at the abstract composition, but also how color communicates on the representational level too.

Right now I am leaning towards this one because the blue background seems to recede and the blue interior of PaMdora’s convertible sets her off. I wanted to make the cell towers more prominent, but could do that with fabric and quilting.

I actually spend a lot of time drawing and planning: have to make sure I have big enough fabrics for the background, and since there’s going to be lots of activity in this one, have to think through the construction.

Actually I’m tempted to go even bigger, BECAUSE…. my new Inspira Frame came in this weekend. Although today was an exhausting day rearranging half of my studio and putting it together, I’m so psyched! It looks great, now to learn to use it.

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