Philadelphia South Street

Before I left for Philadelphia, I spent hours looking up locations for all the galleries and shows I wanted to visit. But when I got there, I scrapped all my plans to stay in the hotel room, do yoga, eat salad, and get ready for another PBS interview.

After the interview the rain passed leaving a beautiful spring day. Rather than stay inside I walked to South Street to see the incredible mosaics of Isaiah Zagar.

He’s covered many many buildings, some two-stories high, each with a different theme. I had to admire his Magic Garden through the locked gate, but it was still worth making a donation.

He uses all sort of crazy found objects like bottles and bicycles in his mosaics, but I love what he does with faces the most.

Another reason to visit South Street was for the funky shops — American Pie is a great crafts shop and look at what I bought at Dude’s Boutique to wear to the AQATS reception!

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