PaMdora’s Puzzler

Saturday it poured all day, and we weren’t completely packed anyway. So we waited to leave until Sunday which was beautiful, cramming the whole trip into one 21-hour drive that ended up into New Jersey in the rain again at 4 a.m. That’s a lot of blow-pops, my junk keep-me-awake food of choice for driving.

Here’s the truck in front of the Domestic Arts Exhibition building at Grounds for Sculpture. It was built for an 1800 fairgrounds to display women’s arts such as sewing, knitting, and quilting, and is now a beautiful exhibition space. Look close – what’s odd about the photo?

There’s a peacock in it! They hang around the building, preening and calling their loud “meow”s all day long. I grew kind of attached to them after a day of working there. Wonder if I could get one for a pet. They seem to be very attracted to people, and watch all the activities of sculpture unloading with great interest. Only problem is they leave little surprises on the sidewalk.

But I tricked you! The puzzler wasn’t the peacock at all. Here’s the real puzzler…

This is my cute husband, unwrapping the protective paper off the sculpture from the trip. I originally told you that the sculptures were loaded so we could drive through the truck loading door at the back of studio. But just when we were ready to leave, we found that in adjusting the straps on the load, it was 1 and 1/2 inches too tall to get out of the door. My genius husband did something so that we could get out of the door. Look back at the photo of the load in the truck. Can you guess what he did?

I’ll post the answer in a couple of days!

8 thoughts on “PaMdora’s Puzzler”

  1. My friend Had a Range Rover and you could raise and lower the vehicle with the hydrolics. Pump it up to go over curbs and let it out to lower the car. did he do that. The truck looks like a “low rider” in the photo.

  2. Are you in the truck in the picture? You are so tiny, I can’t imagine that you would make a difference, but maybe, he told you to remove yourself from the truck?

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