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I’ve been making little books for two weeks. The covers are fabric but the insides are paper. I got started doing this because I was asked by a curator to send information about my quilts, and I’m worried about sending photographs to someone who’s never seen the real thing. I don’t think the photos tell the whole story.

So I’m trying to design a printed portfolio that has a quilted cover. Just to give someone a real clue what the work is all about — what the fabrics are like, what the construction is like, what the colors are really like.

It took quite a while to design the fourteen interior pages with photos of my quilts, details of quilts, a brief resume, artist’s statement, and bio, and some photos of people reacting to the work at exhibitions. In my experiments, I only tried sewing 12 pages, but the final version got to be fourteen (didn’t want to stop at 13). I was a little worried about sewing 14 pages, two covers, and binding, but it seemed to work okay.

I’m having trouble with the cover design though. The covers are stitched with varigated King Tut thread, so maybe I should just leave them plain. But I keep trying to put add things on the cover. I thought about doing my name, but that seemed too obvious and boring to cut out. Then I thought about being more cryptic and just having objects on the cover. I think the problem here is I used the same fabric for the blue bird as the border — boring! And maybe there’s too many musical notes.

Then I thought of using my initials, PR, ha ha. Probably only I would think it’s funny that a monogramed portfolio would have the intials PR. So then I thought of just P. P for Pam, P for PaMdora. But here it looks like something a cheerleader would wear.

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  1. I too have often felt images don’t tell the whole story to someone who is not quilt aware, and plenty of people don’t even know “traditional” close up, let alone non-trad departures from that. At times I have included offcuts or swatches, but covers of actual miniquilts are a very practical idea to think about doing in our own particular way. Thanks for sharing this idea.

  2. Okay, maybe way too complicated (but maybe you could take something from this) what about a glimpse of Pam working on a quilt?

  3. When do you find the time to do all of this! You are amazing. I like the idea of the glasses and then maybe your name in the lower right hand corner.

  4. What a fabulous idea! I’ve been thinking that I need to keep a book/log of all the projects that I’ve made with swatches, details, and pictures. I like your fabric covered book as the portfolio.

    How about your Pamdora hand and arm reaching from the spine to “open” the pages? That’s one of the things that I see as one of the strongest recurring elements in all of your quilts … that fabulous “rubber-band” arm and hand. 🙂

  5. I think a hand (PaMdora’s) holding scissors/purse/shoe/cellphone/whatever would be nice on the cover (hand made). And yes, no colors in the center that are the same as the trim.

    Of course, when your work was first described to me– a woman with one boob pointing right or left. I was both intrigued and astonished. Could you really do that???

  6. What a fantastic way to present your work! If I ever get to this point with presenting my work, I hope I’ll remember this idea or either something just as clever!

  7. How about just your glasses, instead of a full portrait, that would be easy and distinctive and relate to your work.

  8. What a great idea! I think you are on the right track. Do you have something that you consider your logo? Perhaps that should be on the cover.

  9. I suppose that the cover of your PR booklet should have your portrait on it, but I’m not sure exactly how small it is. So how about your hand with scissors and pieces of a bird, or whatever?

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