Fabric Portfolios 3

Here’s the front of my new book. I’m glad so many of you told me to leave off the bindings, because that’s the direction I was already working. Actually, I’m not opposed to bindings, you’ll notice that I put funky stripey bindings on most of my big quilts. But you’re right, for such a small project the bindings were taking too much space and time. It’s a lot easier to leave them off, and leaves as much space as possible for the design.

Here’s the back. I thought about doing some kind of fancy embroidery technique for the thread, and then thought naw… Maybe you can already tell that there’s a little less angst and a little more humor in this design. Oh, and look….

Here’s me on a diet, ha ha!

Actually, when I made my first hands covers, I forgot to flip the arm for the backside. I redid that, then laid them out on the table and realized that the arms weren’t symmetrical. So I remade them again because I thought it was funnier. What I won’t do for a joke? Now I have three arms too many. Everyone should have this problem.

Now I hesitate to show you this, because there was such a good response to the extreme cropping in my last design. But I’m also working on trying to make PaMdora smaller for another project, and this seemed like a good way to experiment.

Now if I can only figure out how to make her arm wrap logically (in a cartoon sense of the word) around the book. What do you think? It could be fun, and maybe I could have the best of both ideas.

Here’s a photo of this ghostly image inside the front cover. What a surprise! Of course I could have just stopped with an earlier design for the portfolios and laid out a little assembly line to mass produce something, but I’m having too much fun experimenting right now. And I wouldn’t have found out interesting things like this. Omega sent me this link for Alice Kettle who she says works backwards. Hmmm, me thinks this bears some more investigation.

I like that these are small projects that take only a few hours as opposed to a hundred, and I still end up with something that I can use rather than throw on the scrap pile.

16 thoughts on “Fabric Portfolios 3”

  1. WOW! Allison Aller just told me about your blog, and I’ve been having a visual/verbal feast with my morning coffee. Good comments too. I’m voting for two versions, one with hands and one with face. They’re both great fun! Thanks sooooooo much for sharing your process!

  2. They look so very cute and they get the message out of what you’re all about. I have to consider how I would represent my self and my work. got me thinking!!!

    Isn’t black always slimming?

  3. I really like the face with the needle hand on the other cover. Although I like the two hands too. Okay…I like them all. However, I always will go with the face of Pam. My “real” job is in the advertising biz…and I feel like Pam a lot!

  4. Too much fun! Maybe for a full arm wraparound, her hand from the back can snap or velcro or something on the front?

  5. Great, great work! Love it! Thanks for sharing how often you redo things. I too work at a turtle’s pace and it really helps me to focus on the joy at the end. You are the best. I read this every day!

  6. This is a really interesting take on creating a portfolio/artist bio!!

    In your work, are you mainly doing fusing for the imagery or are you piecing?

  7. Looking brilliant as usual. It inspires me to finish a quilted book I am working on for a friend. Perhaps this weekend.

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