Art is a Lie

Jo was right, those steroids I was taking for the poison ivy last week made me peppy, no, something even more extreme – they turned me into a re-organization Tasmania devil (you know who I’m talking about, the little hairy guy who makes tornados everywhere he goes). Made a tornado and filed a room stacked full of old papers dating back to 2001. Then another tornado and re-organized my sewing room at home. Tornadoed in and out of few junk clothes closets. But the most serious tonado happened in my office at the studio.

Since we had an unused desk in another room, I had the bright idea to move it into my office for my art projects. With two desks, I could have a separation of business and art! The small flaw in this plan: I had to give up my sofa. Oh well, I shouldn’t be taking naps during the day anyway.

I hate office work, but love office supplies. Even more, I love art supplies. So the prospect of shopping for trendy new office stuff and art supplies is much more appealing than doing real work. I was looking for for skull-themed office products, but I guess that hasn’t hit yet. However, the selection of colors especially at Staples is so much better lately — hmmm, should I use purple or orange file folders? Why not both!

Now that my art desk is set up, I don’t want to spend any time at my business desk. My art desk is facing out, away from the wall — much better feng shui than the one facing the corner. However, nothing else in the drawing is like real life — in real life, my office has orange and red walls, the desks are brown and gray, I only wish I had purple carpet, the mail doesn’t come by carrier pigeon, and the dog sleeps in the doorway, not under the desk. But it’s like a quote I heard from an eight-year in Cincinnati….. “Art is a lie that tells the truth.”

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