99 Bottles of Beer

Here’s what I’ve been doing since I promised to make art in the mornings. No, not hanging out in bars but making one. I still have to add the Club Brassy Toe sign as seen through the door, a fight scene on tv, and a few more details. But hey, aren’t all those bottles beautiful? It’s my favorite part of the quilt so far. I’d add more, but I’m a little hung over from cutting out so many.

At RuBert Studios, we’re pretty selective about the fabrics we use. In fact there was an intensive audition of fabrics before the final cut. (snicker). Here’s a behind the scenes look at how it went….on the road to Project Yankee Doodle (my short working title for this quilt, but not the real title).

“Stripey TwoTone, it seems you haven’t achieved your full potential as far as a personal style. You’re out.”

“Wavey Plaidster, stop there and don’t even open your portfolio. You’re out.”

“And Dimpley Polka McDot, we’re sending you to the next level!”

5 thoughts on “99 Bottles of Beer”

  1. How do you get the black lines around everything? Is that thread or marker? Sorry to pry, but I’m just so curious about that technique.

  2. At first I thought this was a new quilt and wondered where PamDora was – then I saw her in the corner – in the cake. You are having too much fun!

  3. always interesting to see your work in progress. as a next step, do you glue the fabric before sewing?

    I especially like the drink flying through the air :-)))

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