The Perils have been Postponed!

The opening of The Perils of PaMdora has been postponed until next Friday because a big ice storm the size of three states hit yesterday. It feels a little like having school cancelled because of snow on the day you have a big test. Oh great, I have another whole week to prepare. And then, Oh no, I have another whole week to prepare.

Actually it’s mostly done. I spent the snow day finishing up my jars of blue and pink dyes and arranging tedious details like these vintage tidbits in an old Danish sewing box. Lisa asked where I got the day-glo pink plastic gloves. The Asian food store. If you haven’t been to one of these, check out the kitchen utensil section, there’s always interesting stuff there.

The pink and blue clothespins came from Japan where many people still air dry their clothes. Lisa also asked if I was worried about any of my stuff disappearing. At first I was, then realized I couldn’t do my best if that’s what I focused on, so I’m just putting my personal invisible force-field around everything and going for it. Actually, when we visited Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water house, there was millions of dollars of stuff laying around, but there’s micro-chip alarms attached to everything — so you never know!

There are stories about most of the stuff in this installation. The sink came from our old house, but I love it so took it with me. The little metal chair I use to reach high places on the design board is actually one that Russ built for baby chimapanzees when he worked at a chimpanzee psychology research center (they need strong furniture because they are very strong.)

Speaking of Russ, there he is — hanging folding rulers above the Infinite Drawing on the wall. I like these old ones when they are expanded to look like rick-rack. Have you ever looked through your art books for pink or blue ones? They’re rare. And that’s my grandmother’s fuzzy vintage coat on a blue plastic hanger above all the rolled-up patterns for all the quilts in my show.

Here’s another view of a still life I showed a couple of days ago. The printer blocks on top say “Time to make some art!” That pink box is a tiny bottle of vintage Ben Hur Perfume that I found at a flea market. Who ever heard of Ben Hur perfume and what does it smell like – horses?? The necklace on the dress form is made of tiny toy keys and toy padlocks that I accidently found on Ebay when I was looking for something else. I painted the dress form with latex a couple of years ago to match our dining room.

13 thoughts on “The Perils have been Postponed!”

  1. your place is amazing! i wish i could see it in person! you mentioned the “ben hur” perfume? i was just talking about that the other day to someone-i used to buy it years ago in the 60’s and it smelled wonderful-i loved it and i couldn’t believe they have it for sale on e bay!! just thought id let you know and good luck to you and your great place.

  2. I actually bought my mother a bottle of Ben Hur perfume at the TG&Y in Ponca City, OK, in the 60’s. Why? Because she’d liked the movie, of course. What did it smell like? I don’t remember–only that, one day, I walked in the bathroom and said, “Oh, Mommy! You’re wearing the perfume!” She just smiled–she’d just poured it all down the toilet right before I walked in. It must have been hideous, indeed.

    Fabulous installation–wish I could have seen it In Real Life!

  3. Wow Pam, what a great installation! I wish more artists would do something like this. It’s so interesting to be able to see how an artist comes up with their ideas, their inspirations from the environments that they create. It reminds me of the tv show that Ray Bradbury used to air in the 80s? At the start of each episode he was shown in his office that was just covered in odds n’ ends. Amazing! Hope the ice storm abates soon .. the only time I’ve ever experienced that was in Kansas City a few years back. Beautiful ice covered trees!

  4. Wonderful studio setup – the attention to detail is wonderfully balanced by the verve of it all! I was thrilled to see your quilt in the SAQA exhibit at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham UK this summer, in the real instead of on screen. All the best for your show, it looks great.

  5. Pam —

    Are you kidding me? The work you do is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

    I love the displays. The story of worrying about people taking your stuff reminded me of when I went into Starbucks and commented on a cup of coffee beans acting as a pen holder. The staff member told me they could’t stop people from eating these pen covered disgusting beans no matter what…

    Maybe just a tiny little note asking them not to take?

    Congratulations — this looks wonderful

  6. Bummer on the delay. But glad you have a bit more time to get ready.

    And actually I was only worried about someone stealing the gloves and maybe the Mr. Bubble – I hadn’t thought about the other stuff. Hm – like your quilts.

    Is that your real laptop on one of the display tables?

  7. wow! I am awed by your energy, organization and imagination! I would soo love to come to the opening and to your artist talk (except I live in California, where it’s going to be 75 degrees today…sorry) Are you going to wear pink and blue??? Really Pam, great exhibition. I’m very impressed with your gallery dollhouse, and how you planned the arrangement of your quilts. and very impressed with your gorgeous studio and I’m very impressed with your blog. It’s inspiring and makes me feel a little like a lump…And of course, you painted the dress form coral pink to go with your dining room! ha!
    best of luck at your opening–it’s gonna be a smash!

  8. I am stunned! I’ve just read through several days of posts and I am so amazed and excited for you. (Other than the delay, of course. Bummer.) I just love the installation portion of the show. It’s so unique and fresh. Pamdora is really getting around!

  9. We’re glad we didn’t miss your opening. We never made it to California, stuck in St. Louis airport for a day and motels for two nights. We like the blog and can hardly wait to see the actual exhibit. You certainly have a lot of good ideas. Aunt Pat and MOM

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