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Yay, I’m a finalist in the FiberArts Magazine studio contest! I’m not sure why I entered, except that the fact that the prizes are mysteriously not named added a little intrique to the whole thing. It about killed me to enter, because the deadline to submit photos and written information was the same day that my show opened on December first.

But I had to take some photos anyway of my studio right before the show, because I figured it would never look better than when it was full to the gills with work in progress. Except of course, I had to clean it up…..yikes!!!

The sad part is I don’t think I entered my best photos. Silly me, I had this crazy idea that I would make another, probably illegal entry from PaMdora, not really to cheat — but because I thought it would be funny if she entered the mock-studio installation at the Pool Art Center Gallery. Unfortunely, it proved to be too much for me, and I never got the joke studio submitted. I know you think I’ve been slacking off in the art department, but since the opening of that show, I’ve hard at work on a re-vamp of my website which will include a photo tour of that installation.

In the meantime, enjoy a visit to FiberArt Magazine’s website. You can read stuff I wrote about my studio. There are also 43 other artist studios on display, and you can VOTE here for the winners (hint, hint, I’ve been selected for the Best Stash category :)!

4 thoughts on “Vote in the FiberArts studio competition”

  1. The refrigerator reflects the peacock feathers inspiration well. How kuhl to be you guys; two artists together. For those of us at a desk all day (though I do get to write, which is creative) you should tell the story of how you started out as an artist to where you are now.

    Your exhibit at the Pool Arts Center is ah-mazing. So vibrant, it just pops against the while walls. My husband bought me a sewing machine for Christmas, and I am about to begin my first quilt. When I found your blog through the artwalk site, I was so inpired! Way to inspire.

  2. When I grow up I want a studio just like yours!
    Right now I sew in the bedroom, and paint fabric in the basement! A 3 story venture. Congrats on QN 07. Will we see you there?
    Mary Ann – first-timer-QN!!!
    And I am quite grown-up!

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