Totally Tiki

I’ve been collecting lots of Tiki memorabilia for the Tiki office. Here’s a monkey with wire glasses. He’s made out of coconuts, and has a slash on his stomach because he’s also a bank. Next to him is a girl with pigtails made out of some kind of nut. She’s also hollow and her hat lifts up — so I think she’s meant to be a little purse.

The most fun thing so far has been filling up this Hawaiian serving tray with office supplies. It has a cute carved pineapple on the top and individual trays spin around. I thought this was called a popo platter, but can’t seem to find out for sure. Help Myra — what’s it’ really called?

5 thoughts on “Totally Tiki”

  1. All your cool stuff reminds me of Greg Brady and the tiki he wore in Hawaii…just prior to his “almost” demise in a surfing accident. Clearly I have too much time on my hands and have been watching too much 70s television lately.

  2. Pam, I think you’re looking for the word “pupu” which in Hawaii means appetizer. Nevertheless, it is a great way to store your supplies. BTW, it was great to see your work in person when I was at Visions in December. Aloha,Dianna

  3. Oh wow! I have one of these platters. My parents spent 11 years in the Philippines, and sent items to family. My aunt recently gave me a box of some of these items.

    There are many parts to one or two items (in addition to a cake dome). I could never figure out how to assemble them. AND NOW I SEE. Funny to think of how I tried to assemble the parts–ha, ha. So random that you posted this. THANKS!

  4. I must find one of those Hawaiian serving trays. My wife would go absolutely nuts to have one in her office.

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