It was a beautiful weekend here. There’s nothing like few sunny warm days to get your spirits up. Over the weekend, we had the old roof completely torn off of the front part of the studio, since it had been damaged by the ice and extreme cold during the January 07 ice storm.


It was quite an ordeal — noisey, and a real mess, but I was totally happy with thoughts of getting the front offices sealed and dry, so we could start the interior repairs. Happy to say, “goodbye old roof,” as it left in truck for the dump.



But now I’m in a total funk because it rained about two inches this morning, and water came in everywhere, even places that hadn’t leaked before. Apparently they weren’t done sealing all the seams and trim on the new roof before the rain hit. It looks like it’s going to be long, wet spring.


  • We’ve had some roof/leak issues in this house, but after reading about your recent experiences, I’ll never complain again. Wishing you some dry, sunny days…all in a row!

  • So can we look forward to a waterlogged PaMdora next? Enough, already!! If you need any help drying out this time, give me a buzz.

  • Oh no! Sorry to hear about more water. Hope it all dries out quickly.

    Love these shots of the outside of your studio. It really gives an idea of the size of it. Wow! And the sign is so very cool!

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