A funny thing happened to me on the way to the e-mail box….


I was working on a list of all our fine art books that were damaged in the flood — looking up the cost of replacement on Amazon, when I got a message from Ebay. “You have not paid for this item…”

Something silly I had bid on late at night for no good reason other than it reminded me of this sculpture by Claus Oldenburg. The Ebay seller was very nice, but would like to be paid. So I quickly sent an apology, explaining that it was my mistake. Although I’m not always the quickest to answer email, I try to always be friendly, to put some human personality inside those little black and white text boxes.

Holy cow, the person on the other end of the text box turned out to be an art-quilter, and she sent me to her website. Holy cow! Does the work look familiar? It’s Joyce Carey, the cover artist for Robert Shaw’s famous book The Art Quilt! What a weird coicindence that I had just been looking up that very book and Joyce’s imagery was fresh in mind.

The world is a weird and wonderful place, with all kinds of magical connections waiting to happen. Now I have another new friend!

But now to get back to spring cleaning, because I need to get this flood stuff out of here and back to making art. I had read on the internet that to dry books you should fan them out upright on a towel. Too late I read that you’re also supposed to alternate that daily with pressing the books flat so they’re not so wrinkley. Lesson learned, but now all those books are real fat, and we’re going to have to get wider book shelves.



  • I’m SO glad you were able to rescue at least some of the books – that would really be – well, I can’t even IMAGINE how horrible it would be.

    And hey – thanks so much for the nice recent comments on my blog!

  • i can not even imagine seeing all my books and studio soaked with water. how devastating!

    by the way I bought and watched the art of quilting (chicago pbs didn’t pick up the program, hard to believe when a third of the program was about chicago quilters) anyways i loved your segment. your quilts are so fun and graphic. i love the bold colors and humourous imagery. You have manged to create a lot of work in a relatively short time, I am sure all of this roof work is not helping things. good luck with the clean up. I look forward to seeing how you document the great flood in fabric : )

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