Last weekend Fiberarts International 2007 opened in Pittsburgh, PA, and will eventually travel to the Mint Museum of Craft + Design in North Carolina. My quilt “The Vintage Purse” is part of the exhibit, but I couldn’t attend the opening or next-day fiber forum. I was hoping to find some news about the events on-line, but have seen nothing. If you attended, please let me know how it all went.

For me, this quilt is one of those sweet spots you hit when you’re in the groove. I did the drawing and quilt pretty quickly, all in one week. But a lot of people seem to like it, especially the cute little vintage buttons that act as 3D elements on the dresser drawers, closet, and purse. You can see more closeup details of it on my website here.

Last week a photographer I’ve long admired, Julie Blackmon emailed me that she saw my winter show and “Vintage Purse” inspired her to create a photograph called “Vintage Wallpaper.” I’m dying to see her version, but we haven’t been able to get together yet. I only know Julie through the internet, her work and press, which she gets a lot of because she wins lots of awards and is in important collections. Be sure to check out her website, I guarantee you’ll be enthralled with her work. But you want to know a really crazy thing about her? She only lives one block from me!


  • Julie’s photographs are wonderful. Thanks for the link. Amazing she lives so close!

    I didn’t make it to the FI opening either so the info from Penny was great. Turns out I won an award at FI. I’m not sure I even knew they gave awards but that was pretty cool to find out.

  • Fiberarts International will be in Pittsburgh until August 19, 2007, then it will be at the Mint Museum from September 15, 2007 until February 24, 2008.

  • The Mint Museum in Charlotte is just around the corner from my son’s home. When is it going to be there? I will have to make a point to go visit.

  • Hi Pam,
    The opening was a great success. Your piece looks wonderful. I’m sure you already know but for those who are reading this The Vintage Purse is on exhibit in the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts. It’s displayed in the main exhibition gallery first floor. My partner absolutely loved it just raved about it. Your whimsy is so refreshing, the colors are so vivid. I haven’t had a chance to attend the Society of Contemporay Crafts, the sister venue for the International.

    I’m a member of the guild and nothing but glowing comments all around have been made. We’ve been busy hanging shows all over Pittsburgh; in honor of the International there is fiber everywhere. I’m fortunate to have many pieces on exhibit in the area. Alot of shows are openinng or have opened this month. Mary Thomas the art critic for the Pittsburgh Post Gazette had a write up just before the International opened the link is:
    The Tribune review has yet to publish anything.
    I wasn’t able to attend the Forum over 50 artists came I believe. It’s been so busy around here I haven’t seen anyone long enough to ask how it went. When I know more I will pass on the info.
    Penny Mateer, Pittsburgh, Pa.

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