Quilt National 07 opening


Since we couldn’t use the dog scooter, we had to resort to a more traditional form of transportation to Athens, Ohio. I ws totally inspired by the activity and colors of the Southwest planes, and took lots of photos of the baggage being loaded on our plane. Great colors for a quilt, don’t you think?

qn-crowd2.jpg The Quilt National opening was mobbed. More people than the last show and so many people that you couldn’t hardly see the quilts — see what I mean? I’m going to have to return tomorrow to really see the work because there’s lots of great stuff that I missed.


When I made this quilt, I was so focused the story behind it that I didn’t realize what it might look like if you didn’t know the story or read the title. But all evening I got questions about what the crotch shot was about. It’s not about that, it was because I had poison ivy so bad that I just lay on the bed, trying to to let anything touch my legs, not even each other.

If you’re wondering, the pink thing is one of those plastic back-scratchers with a little human hand on the end, just because I think those things are kind of creepy and funny. And in the painting behind the bed, Adam is trying to give Eve a poison ivy leaf, just to put a different spin on an old story.

qn-banquet.jpg The award dinner was also packed, and it was fun to see lots of folks I hadn’t in a while, and some new ones too. Luckily I wore a sweater in case the air conditioning was too cold. Unluckily, the banquet was outside in a tent, so it was swelteringly hot.


At these things, it’s fun to go around and get everyone to sign your book, kind of like a high school annual. Susan Shie whose wonderful quilt is on the cover of the new book (it’s also very handsome – order one today!) even drew me a steam-pot to put my poison ivy leaves in! What a hoot!

10 thoughts on “Quilt National 07 opening”

  1. you + susan shie = hooray!

    she was such a support when i was proposing (and having rejected, and proposing again) the last book. what a sweetie.

  2. You are the up and coming Queen of Quilt National, Pam! Superstar of the Big Event. I can’t wait to be able to see it in person this year (end of July). Many congratulations for all your recognized successes (because you are successful in other ways that are probably not so recognized…and congrats on those…ok, I’m babbling…sorry…byebye).

  3. Purple and Green – so poison ivy!
    Love this piece, congratulations!
    Appreciate all the pics of QN you posted.
    I went two years ago, great fun.
    Couldn’t make it this year:-(


  4. Your quilt is looking great, and I love seeing you with it. Thank you for showing pictures of it in situ and of the opening. As I was not able to get over there it is wonderful to see what we here might call the bun fight – but I don’t know how that would translate in the US!!!!!!!!! (It just means lots of folks eating.) I have ordered my copy of the catalogue, but being on the other side of the pond it will take a while.

  5. You are right about the poisen ivy quilt! When I first scrolled down and saw it, I certainly wasn’t thinking poisen ivy! But then I remembered the story behind it and had a good laugh. I just love your work and congrats!

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