I’ve been having lots of ideas for new things to try, and here’s another doodle — I’m calling it the Thread Said series. Don’t know where it’s going though, just playing around. I think it’s important to play, and summer seems like a good time to do it.


  • oh yea, I’m liking ‘thread said.’ Looks like fun and one could fill in their own captions. I’m in love with a new book “all about coffee” by paul madonna, full of GORGEOUS drawings of san francisco, frequently captioned with over heard conversations…

  • Great start…seems very interesting. I agree, its necessary to ‘play’. I recently got interested in ATCs. They are a great format to try techniques and styles with smaller time commitment. I have been able to see some styles, techniques and directions that I might not otherwise have explored.
    Can’t wait to see where this takes you.

  • These aren’t very big — only about 8″ x 10″ and not fully quilted. Right now I’m playing around with some ideas, and trying to draw some bigger compositions that they could work in.

  • My “interest” perked up with the Artist’s Statement piece and now this one. I think you’ve touched on something. Have fun. How big are these trial runs?

  • This series remind of an Ally McBeal type scenario where the main character is engaging in “polite” conversation while her shadow is doing/thinking/saying what she really feels.

    Looks like the start of something good!

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