A Small Painting


Here’s the finished acrylic painting, and it’s small — only 8″ by 10″. For some reason right now I have the urge to make some small, intimate pieces. And the way I’m currently constructing my quilts, I can’t make something this small with detail. Maybe later I’ll play with painting on fabric, but for now I like using a small edge-wrapped canvas.

9 thoughts on “A Small Painting”

  1. Wow Tina, what a nice thing to say about my QN quilt! Of course we all see the problems in our own work, so it’s nice to get feedback from someone else. Glad you like my work!

  2. After seeing her in her past “scenes” I think she might be reaching for something to calm her nerves! LOL! I love your work Pam. I got to see it in person this year at QN and I was awestruck by its flawless construction.

  3. Actually I was thinking if I could work quicker and smaller, I would be more likely to try to sell some paintings. When I’m happy with my new technique and have more of an inventory, I’ll post it here on my blog. Thanks for asking!

  4. Would you consider selling a small piece like this? This one has too much yellow for my taste, but I’d consider another if the price were right.

  5. Lovely. That’s what I call a holiday: using a different medium. I really like the watercolour-y effect. I perfectly understand your desire to work small sometimes as well as large. I love being able to switch scale, and generally have one of each on the go. Have fun!

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