Working for Inspiration


Jane posted a great quote by Henri Matisse after one of my recent posts: “Don’t wait for inspiration, it comes while working.” I should have that tattooed on my forehead so I’d see it every morning when I look in the mirror.

This is a mixed media collage on vintage columnar paper. I started this because I’ve been thinking about using Lisa‘s technique of making an art goals spreadsheet (but more about techniques I want to try and images I want to create) but as you can see, I painted it so much that you can’t really see the lines on the background paper.

6 thoughts on “Working for Inspiration”

  1. Mixed mediums, surface design play works for me to fill the non-inspirational quilt activity which I’ve experience a lot of this year.

    Your piece conveys the contemplation in a very cute way.

  2. In an e-mail the other day, my son the semi- famous Hollywood screenwriter said, “Good luck on the quest for inspiration; I search for it most days and find it occasionally”. I would settle for occasionally!

  3. Looks like me – except with a nicer expression (mine is usually one of disgust at my lack of inspiration!). I like this expressive collage very much.

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