Isn’t it great fun, going to the store and looking through about 70 color chips to find just the right one? Except I never seem to pick just the right one. Maybe I’m swayed too much by the names, but when it comes down to it… what would you rather have on your walls? “Grasshopper” or “Gecko”?


And here’s the resident Mixologist at work. I think the name of this color is “I missed the school bus again.”

6 thoughts on “Yellow”

  1. Hi Amy, Nuts is a funny theme for house paint colors. I saw in the USA Today that squirrels keep trying eat the historic home of George Washington Carver, the guy who invented a zillion things made from peanuts. Guess he put them in his house paint too.

  2. I love the vivid colors you’re using! My house is done in bright yellow, green apple, and licorice stick red. I used to be a professional decorative painter, and I’m always telling people, “It’s just paint, not a blood sacrafice.”

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