Food Pyramid Redux


Finally a pot I’ve had on the back burner all summer has started to boil. If you remember, I started another food-inspired project and then stalled out. I thought the problem was color and some of you tried to help me out with lots of comments, thank you very much, especially Del who sent me to photos like this for inspiration.


So I struggled with color for a long while (that’s one reason I draw on the computer — it gives me a lot of freedom to play with the design) and stewed on rhetorical questions like… “what color is sand? What color is sky?”

Someone asked if I use a tablet. I’ve had several different Wacom tablets, but the Graphire 3 is my favorite. I like the small one because it’s portable, I don’t have to move my wrist much to draw, and anyway, size is relative on the computer.

wacom.jpgWhen I wanted another for the home, they had gone onto the Graphire 4. But it doesn’t have the pen holder on top and the styling wasn’t as sleek. So I bought another Graphire 3 on Ebay. Although there are a lot for sale, they go for almost retail price, so I guess other people think the same as me.

But back to topic, sometimes when you think there’s a problem, it’s not just one. It’s several. Which in art, like in medicine or mechanics, makes it much more difficult to diagnose. When I found this strange photo called The Secrets of the Singing Sand Dunes, I finally realized my worst problem was the sand dunes were too flat. Then Russ said the vertical orientation was too skinny. And there needed to be more stuff happening, so I’ve added some new surprises for you to see later on.


Then I laid out the new colors. When the abstract foundation of color looks exciting, I know I’m on the right track. So that’s when the pot finally started to boil…

12 thoughts on “Food Pyramid Redux”

  1. Hi Gerrie, it’s not too hard to install the Graphire — now that tablets run on USB it’s much better because it’s just the one cord — much easier than when you had to also carry around an additional power supply cord for the tablet. You may want to download a current driver from Wacom though, some of those drivers are better than others.

  2. Oh, I love that color scheme you have assembled. I have a Graphire tablet that I have not installed. It is on my to do list. Want to come down and help me next month when you are in the area? 🙂

  3. A tablet is a great idea for gift! It will really open up a whole new world of possibilities for someone who is trying to do art on a computer.

  4. Your sand dune looks wonderful…and you’re right, the colors do look exciting. I can’t wait to see how it goes.

    And I’m going to explore the Graphire 3 — thanks for the explanation. This could also be the perfect Christmas gift for my daughter who is always drawing and wanting to scan things into the computer…

  5. For drawing I use CorelDraw 11, for editing photos I use Photoshop. But the tablet works with everything, so sometimes if my hand is tired from using the mouse or the touchpad, I’ll use the pen and tablet to navigate in all my software. I’ve heard some people who suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome say that tablets are easier on the hand and wrist.

  6. Gosh Del, I feel kind of dumb. I didn’t even follow my own link back to the original source of the photo which was the NY Times. I thought it was just a cool photo and title, no idea that the Sand Dunes actually made noise. Now I’ve corrected the link, so people can go directly to the article about why they sing. Thanks again!

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