The Moody Photographer


Last week I was supposed to send my head in a photo to a magazine for an article that will hopefully appear in December. But I dreaded going to a studio and getting a portrait done, and actually never got around to making an appointment.

So this weekend I set up some lights and a camera on a tripod, and used a shutter release cable to take my own photo. Luckily we just got the new digital Canon EOS-40D, and the camera is a lot smarter than me, because it takes pretty fabulous photos without asking me for advice. (click on a thumbnail for a larger image.)


Since it’s digital, I figured I could just shoot rapid fire like in those moviesque photo shoots, except that I didn’t have big fans blowing my hair and white floaty scarves around. I also didn’t have a great set, in fact my set looks just like my quilting studio. It took me about 200 photos just to get the lighting right. It’s also hard to get your head in the right place when you don’t know what the camera is seeing, and since I was using my Traffic Jam quilt as a backdrop, the butter dish kept ending up in the wrong place, like sticking out of my ear.

Now the problem is, which one do I send? I never know who I really am — I wanted to make a face like PaMdora and just couldn’t master it.


20 thoughts on “The Moody Photographer”

  1. This is a great question, I should have included this information. Already working on it for my next post — thanks Alyson!

  2. And thank goodness you didn’t trip over your tripod and break the camera, something I could have managed if I didn’t have the release cable.

  3. I vote for #4 or #7 but my favorite is #2. I think you look like a vamp!

    I too have tried to photograph myself. Set the camera on “time” and then run to the “spot.” Too funny!!! Thank God, I was alone.

  4. I forgot where I got those — I think it was Ebay! Most of the rest are reading glasses. Alright I admit, I got them on Ebay too, but I found this woman who sells great vintage reading glasses on her Ebay shop.

  5. No No No – none of those! I LOVE the second from the left on the first row – it’s the perfect combination of you and Pamdora! TOO COOL!

  6. I vote for the b/w sunglasses foto. very classy audrey hepburn style.

    or the number two. like that style.

    I really don’t like the brown glasses, b/w makes you look better.

  7. Hi Robin, I love reading your comments and why you like certain photos. You have a great way of expressing yourself.

  8. I too like the one of Pamdora sticking her finger in your ear. Or maybe driving something into your neck. Poetic justice in a way. You always have fun with her, now it’s her turn! I also like the first one. The angle of your face, the energy of your expression, and your eye contact are things I like about that one.

  9. I’ll second Merrilee and Tonya’s picks. I think #7 is a good fusion of (presumably) you and PaMdora, but the closeup solves the lavender hat issue (and is pretty cute).

  10. I love the last one (with Pamdora trying to stick her finger in your ear). My favorite is the second from the left on the top row – the zoom in close shot. You look impish, as if you’re going to share a secret.

  11. OK, so may I have an 8 x 10 glossy of #2, if you please? I think #7, last on the second row, is wonderful……well, with the exception of the lavendar pillbox hat you’re wearing!

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