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moody1.jpgMy husband says Picasso always stared bug-eyed into the camera, so I did a little looking and found that he did look bug-eyed when he was young and old. I guess this is how he perceived himself, or maybe how he wanted others to perceive him, judging from these painted self-portraits from 1907 and 1972. Some people craft their personality as carefully as they craft their art.

Many thanks for the comments on my last post. It’s always fun to see what people like and the reasoning behind your selections gave me lots of food for thought. Alyson asked a good question — the answer is Quilting Arts Magazine is working on an artist’s profile. I’m excited because the feature is usually several pages long with excellent photography. I sent them six quilts last week for photography and had an interview with Cate Prato (what a great name, wouldn’t you love a name that sounds like you’re a secret agent?)

Many comments were strong for the top moody photo, but the zebra-sunglasses were popular too. I read somewhere that Princess Diana often tilted her head down and looked up at the camera so her eyes looked huge — so for fun I tried this. Some of you commented that this combined with looking over the top of my reading glasses made the viewer feel like they were being let in on a secret, something I thought would compliment the humor of my picture-story quilts.


Based on early morning comments, I had already gone back to my folder of upteen-zillion photos, found this one and sent it. Maybe I should send a p.s. alternative and attach the first photo. I do like the zebra-glasses, but not sure they’re right for the article.

I know from editing video which is 30 frames a second, a person can look happy one second, sad the next, innocent or evil, intelligent or stupid. It’s all a question of which frame you grab. It can make a world of difference, and if someone else is doing the selection — you’re at their mercy.

update: I tried to send the second photo to the magazine, but it was too late, they had already placed the first photo into the layout (or they just liked the first photo better, but didn’t want to tell me)  🙂 Anyway, they just sent the proof for the article, and it looks great, so I’m happy!

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  1. Hi Linda, Glad to hear you think it’s a good magazine. It’s supposed to be in the Dec-Jan issue, so look out for it!

  2. I am so excited about your upcoming inclusion in Quilting Arts. It is the ONLY quilting magazine that I consistently buy. Do you know which issue they are planning to publish it in? I will look forward to seeing the article.

  3. in the first one I feel like I should be writing you with my deep dark secrets to get advice on what to do. I think it is a great photo and I know QA would use that one if you asked them. The other photo is cute too, but it doesn’t have the personality that the first one has and your work is so much about pamdoras quirky view on life, that the first one seems a better fit.

    I loved my interview with Cate a few years ago. i felt like i was having a conversation with a good friend, very relaxed and easy. I was thrilled with how well the article came out too. Cate is a pro. It is so easy for a writer to misinterpret what you say and have things come out weird. That has been my experience with newspaper writers several times over the years. So is this for the Dec issue? I wrote a short piece for that issue, I think my friends Vicki and Frances have articles that might go in that issue too.

  4. You’re probably right Katie, I can’t remember where I read the thing I put in my first version of this post it was so long ago. So I’ve slightly revised what I said about Princess Di.

  5. I love your PaMdora glasses. 🙂

    I don’t know about the Princess Diana thing. Her sons have the same mannerism (especially the elder) and I don’t think they are worried about how big their eyes look! LOL

  6. Congratulations Pam! You deserve the recognition – please keep us posted about when you’ll be featured. That first photo is perfecto – whimsical and intelligent.

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