When I travel I carry a little Moleskine sketchbook –these are sketches of some Cameroon masks I saw in the Portland Musuem of Art last year. Invariably, mine gets stuffed with scratchy notes, phone numbers, to-do lists….

Not these folk though. These YouTube video tours of artist’s Moleskines is one of the coolest things I’ve found on the internet in a long time, and if you’re a fan of sketchbooking, journaling, or scrapbooking, you’ll probably like them too. Here’s a tour of my favorites. Most are 2-3 minutes, and I just learned you can click the right-hand box under the video to make it full screen if you want.

Paul Davis (illustrator) notebook: Lots of colorful portraits of people with Picassoesque noses, plus clever collages.

Paula Scher (graphic designer) notebook: Alpha-doodles with lots of fancy and funky fonts. Paula’s sketchbook intrigued me, so I looked up her website and found her map paintings to be wonderful.

Celia Squire (artist/London) notebook: Nostalgic-style ink drawings of this storyboard artist fill the pages.

Stefano Faravelli (artist/Turin) notebook: A beautiful travel-style journal that folds out out into one long composition.

Remy Bardin (student/Santiago) notebook – “One year in Chile”: This one moves more slowly, but then the guy worked a whole year on it, so five minutes doesn’t seem too long after all. Some interesting fold-outs, unexpected changes in style, and orginal music.

Douglas + Francoise Kirland (photographer + curator) notebook: This one reads like a personal album, but the photos are always collaged in a interesting manner.

Dave Egger (writer) notebook: A writer’s cryptic drawings with titles.

Antonia Jorge Goncalves (artist/Lisboa) notebook: The nose book — he drew many people, then cut the pages of the book in the shape of their nose.

Joachim Robert (artist/Paris) notebook: Drawings, collage, cartoons, and a bit of painting.

Wilson and Restrepo (artists/London) notebook: Mostly wax pastel drawings. Abstract and surface design artists will like this one. Some messy fingers at the end.

Detour the Moleskine London Exhibition: I’ve always been a fan of art books, but could never see a way they could be shared. This short video shows an exhibition, and we can derive how it’s spawned these videos. I smell a clever Moleskine marketing campaign, but doesn’t matter — I’m ready to jump on board!

p.s. Just found Birget Brenner’s notebook made with thread.


  • The moleskins brought to mind my dad. He always caaried the smallest one and took notes about every photo he too, date, time, camera settings, lighting conditions He would have loved the digital revolution but I bet he would still be using his film cameras too.
    Thanks for stirring up a memory.
    I keep everything on 8 1/2 by 11’s, loose. Trying to sketch in e book drives me crazy. One year I took all my drawings and put them into different sketch books and photo mounted them. They looked so pretty. Two years later, the piles had grown again and many of the drawings had been unstuck from their sketch book, because I tend to pilfer from one drawing to another. If I have a great ant drawn somewhere I will find him, resize and trace orredraw into the new drawing.

  • I love moleskins! I seem to go through phases where I draw in them a lot then, they sit on the table for months. It seems i am that way with everything I do though.

    I love Paula Schers work too, I guess it is the former graphic designer in me that is so drawn to it.

  • I love my moleskines. I don’t think they’re ready for publication though! I always have one with me for doodling, sketching, notes, cool phrases or lyrics etc. Thanks for all the links.

    Btw, you’ve been tagged – seven random facts about yourself, tag seven other people. See my blog, it’s harder than it looks!

  • Thanks for sharing these. What fun! Best of all was learning about the little box that enlarges it to full screen. I never knew that.

  • omygooness. I spent an hour exploring this. How increadible. I wish there was a DVD to load into my computer to watch this. Sort of like the background noise that the radio/CD player provides while I create. I could look over and see someone’s creations while I create. What a motivator that would be.
    Creating can be so isolating.

  • Hi Natalya, that for the comment. After looking at your blog and your work, I realized you might like the one I just added in the p.s. that was done with thread.

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