I’ve been tagged again by Thelma and Jane. This happened to me earlier this summer, and I blew it off, so now I’m trying to make amends. Also I’m tagging Judy, Susan, Cynthia, Roz, Susie, Sandy, and Joanie they don’t seem to have been tagged yet, and they seem like good sports. Apparently you have to list 7 odd things about yourself, and pass it on to the next seven:

1. When I was a kid I used to obsessively draw and collect ladybugs.

2. I spent all day on this stupid ladybug. (Okay, there was also lots of blog surfing, reading Photoshop tutorials, and checking the mailbox for a show rejection I’m expecting. Oh yeah, and that emergency trip to Barnes and Noble to look at books, and then there was that hour that I spent trying to draw my brain…)

3. I don’t like donuts, except for the white powdered mini ones that are full of chemicals that I buy at gas station shops (I do squeeze them first to see if they are remotely fresh.)

4. I like to look at Japanese craft books, although I can’t read them.

5. Sometimes, okay a lot of times, I accidentally swallow my gum. My husband says it’s building up inside my stomach, and someday I’ll explode.

6. I am just relearning how to use Layers in Photoshop because somehow I forgot everything I knew.

7. My brain is like a funnel. It takes a lot in, but there seems to be a leak.


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