We’re getting the snakes out for Halloween this year. I made these a few years ago — not sure what inspired me to create 30 foot long snakes but I guess living with a sculptor makes me want to work BIG. They are stuffed with foam packing peanuts, so they sound a little crunchy.

This year’s Halloween theme is KaBOOki: the HAunTed SusHI BaR. On the menu: squirrmy wormmy sushi rolls, miserable miso soup, Frankenstein tofu, ghastly green tea, and whatever else I can cook up, hehe.

Just kidding, we have lots of candy for the kids. LOTS of candy — we’ll probably get 500+ kids if the weather is nice. More pix later!



  • I love the snakes! One year I sculpted an enormous woman with a raku dark face and torn strips of cloth for hair. She was about 6 feet tall, all dressed in black with a witch’s hat. I put her on the front porch and some kids were too scared to come to the door. One little neighbor boy still won’t come to our door even though the witch is long gone. Enjoy tonight…my favorite holiday as well.

  • Pam, I love the snakes! I wish I lived in your neck of the woods I’d have to bring my kids to trick or treat. Halloween is my favorite time of year. I love to decorate and make costumes for my two girls. This year we are going to a carnival at our church. I can’t wait to see all the little kids dressed up having fun.

    Thanks for posting the photos! I always love to read your blog. Your so inspiring and always bring a smile to my face. Happy Halloween!

  • Just two streets over, it’s very quiet on Halloween. But to the west of us, everyone decorates alot and the houses are close together. Our neighborhood isn’t as close, but the street is narrow and not many cars. I think it takes a whole bunch of factors to make it work, and few crazy people like us!

  • I get such a kick out of my adult friends who get in to Halloween in a big way. I lived waaaay out in the country growing up. We didn’t do Halloween and so I don’t really enjoy it as an adult. My husband does, but we don’t get any kids on our little street so I don’t even buy treats.

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