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Haven’t done much creative work in the last couple of weeks other than draw my brain with my sewing machine. Then I drew/painted it with my new Caran D’ache watercolor crayons as recommended by Joanie (actually she recommended the crayons, not drawing my brain.) I was thinking of calling this “Radioactive Brain” or maybe “Thinking of You.”

So since there isn’t much new material here, sort of like when the screenwriters go on strike, we have to either go to reruns or do a highlights of last season recap. Well, Gwen Magee has done it for me. Amazingly, she waded through my blog archives and interviews and complied a big selection of my design rambling she calls The Design Process of Pam RuBert on the Textile Arts Resource blog. She also links back to my forgotten slide-show of a quilt in progress. She’s got a lot of other good stuff there too, so check it out. Thanks Gwen!

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  1. You know Gerrie, this question you asked has been bugging me for days now. I guess you’re right and I’ll have to do another more colorful version with more personality someday!

  2. Very different from your regular work, everything you do is fantastic and leads to great things. Will be interested to see what you do with this.

    This is interesting. My original design for my 2007 Journal Quilt was a drawing of my brain in fine detail, from a MRI. This is almost identical, but the detail in mine was so fine. The problem was, when my eyesight was so very bad a month after I designed it, I couldn’t do the machine work. It is still in a “to do” box.

  3. I’ve just gone back and reread your interview and really like your comment: “I don’t think you can fail at creativity because it’s a process. The only way to really fail is not to try.” That is so true. I err on the side of not trying….still being very timid, but I will post your comment in a huge font in my studio, and I think that will help! Thanks!!

  4. Ohmygosh – Gwen, how did you know about this?
    I thought you were joking until I went to this website — I can’t believe they have a fiber brain art section and a wooden brain art section also!
    I have a new awareness of the strange uncharted regions of the internet…

  5. Hi Christy, actually it’s still sitting on my desk. I was thinking of turning into a pot-holder and called it “the thinking pot-holder.”
    And recently I’ve been trying to put together a whole Over the Rainbow theme quilt, so you must be psychic!

  6. Wow! this is a first for me. I’ve never seen a quilted brain before. You’ve opened my mind (no pun intended) to the possibilities of quilting.

    What did you ever do with that piece? If you haven’t found a place for it, I know a scarecrow in OZ who’d be interested. ;0)


  7. Love it. Put a brain in a jar and you’ve got a great starting point for a mad scientist or alien quilt – mwah ha ha ha. Enjoyed that design process summary that Gwen Magee did for you. Excellent.

  8. Hi Kristin, yes, we’ve been going around here with all kind of “my brain on (fill in the blank.)”
    Didn’t think of fiber though!

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