Drawing Big Cats…


Russ upgraded my Mac to the new Leopard operating system, so I’ve been drawing that and all the previous big cat OS X operating systems.

The biggest change so far I’ve noticed is in my mail program — lots of improvements such as a built-in to-do lists that links directly with my calendar. Maybe now I’ll get more stuff done.

Also my dad told me about Cooliris, a free extension for FireFox, and I used it a lot looking up photos for my big cats drawings.

8 thoughts on “Drawing Big Cats…”

  1. P.S. I just this minute discovered that with Leopard, all the image files that I download off my camera are now real pictures in the folder instead generic files with image numbers. Wow!

  2. I’ve just installed Leopard and it stalled out my iPhoto. Like you said, “A mixed bag.” I’m on the road in Connecticut & will have to sort it out when I get back home.

  3. Hey Merrilee, I can’t believe you found a poem with three of the five cats that I was trying to draw!

    You must have Cheetahed.

  4. Do not play jacks
    With the Jaguar cat——
    You’ll never ever beat her.
    If she don’t win,
    She’ll start to whine.
    If she gets an eight,
    She’ll pick up nine——
    She’ll say she didn’t,
    But you’ll know she’s lion——
    She’s such an awful Cheetah.
    ——Shel Silverstein

  5. Pam
    I am a dedicated Mac-er! And as soon as I get the money for selling my horse trailer I am adopting a new I-Mac and probably printer, hopefully the scanner still works (fingers crossed).
    I love the article in Quilting Arts! Congrats, they did you justice! And the photos of the quilts are outstanding.
    Mary Ann

  6. Since the upgrade, I really like Mail a lot better. Now there is a to-do list and a notepad included, and I might use those a lot because I’m always in Mail. My internet seems to be running slower, but I think that may be the DSL service which has been sort of spotty lately.

    It also wiped out all my printer drivers, so I’ve been struggling to get those re-installed for three different printers I use. So it’s sort of like always, a mixed bag. Probably best we got it done though, so I can get used to it!

  7. Ihave been debating about upgrading to leopard. I have to do it on two computers. I like to wait for everyone else to work out the bugs. But Mac hardly has any.

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