Six Pages in Quilting Arts Magazine!

qa-magazine.jpgWowee, the new Quilting Arts magazine is out, and I think it’s the best issue ever. The emphasis that QA has put on publishing articles about sketchbooks, concept and design development, and innovative techniques has made this the go-to magazine in the art quilt world.

And as usual, the excellent photography makes the articles even more delicious. Judy Coates Perez has an article about a new technique she’s developed, Vicki Hallmark has an article about using space-age materials, Frances Holliday Alford has a yummy recipe for bead soup. And Sara Lechner‘s article makes me crave a needle-felting machine (scroll down her blog for a gander at her glass house studio!

Of course, I may also be a bit biased about the issue, because PaMdora got a whopping six-page spread! Thanks Patricia Bolton for creating and growing a great magazine. And thanks Cate Coulascos Prato for writing such a nice article.


24 thoughts on “Six Pages in Quilting Arts Magazine!”

  1. Hi Cate, you did a great job on the article. Everyone loves it — thanks!

    And thanks for stopping by my blog. Looks like you’ve gotten rolling on the blog thing too. Would love to see your pink tree…..

  2. I felt touched by fame to have you leave comments on my blog (several days ago) and then open Quilting Arts to see you in it. Congratulations! Very well deserved.

  3. Wow! That is so awesome. I finally got a copy of the Winter Mary Engelbreit mag and quickly turned to your pages, now I’m going to have to track down a copy of quilting arts too. Congrats Pam!

  4. Pam, Wooowhoo! I haven’t read through the entire magazine yet. Went to your article first. A great article and, yes, great photography. But then, PaMdora always has photographed well.

  5. Hey, that is great! It is so exciting seeing a friend have such wonderful press. Your work deserves it.
    That is another magazine I love…I save every issue. I just got back yesterday from visiting family in Florida, and I am having bookstore withdrawl symptoms, so I will go out today or tomorrow and buy that issue. Jacque

  6. Pam, I was so excited when I got my magazine with your wonderful article. It was awesome to feel somehow connected since I follow your blog. Well deserved recognition in a great magazine…I agree…Patricia Bolton has done a fine job.

  7. Love your work! And good for you! I got my mag. and will have allot of enjoyment reading and looking at pictures. I have always wanted to try your method. It looks sooo kool! Congrats Pam, Sandysue

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