Mr. Smith’s Fast Lube


The other day I was getting the oil changed in my car (finally!) at a quickie shop near my house. The office next to the oil-change bays was an interesting place to draw — lots of bizarre stuff, especially the strange animal heads mounted on the walls above the office manger’s desk.

The desk reminded me of mine, in need of some really good house-cleaning (I’m working on that — more on that later) but the creepy atmosphere of the staring animals juxtaposed against the grungy accounting shop was definately not my aesthetic.


It reminded me of something Robert Genn sent out in one of his email newsletters awhile back — that he used to look for good scenery to paint, then found a place to sit. Now he just finds a comfortable place to sit, then looks for a subject. I think I’m starting to really like that idea. For all the oddities, Mr. Smith has some comfortable chairs in his shop. And coffee.


12 thoughts on “Mr. Smith’s Fast Lube”

  1. Wow Judy, that is kind of creepy. I wonder where he got the human hair — no, on second thought, maybe I don’t want to know!

  2. When we lived in Austin my husband went to this barber that had taxadermied animals covering every wall and surface available. then he had vests and sweaters that he had knit himself from human hair. He had photos of himself on johnny carson with his hand knit creations. It was way creepy!

  3. Hi Natalya, It’s fun once you get into it. And I noticed that only after a couple weeks, they started looking better, so it doesn’t take long.

  4. Hi Mary Ann,
    You’re too funny. And I love your new website — that’s new isn’t it? I love the crow tea party, and of course all your stuff. Now you need to start a blog!

  5. Here’s the way my mind works. I would have the office with heads of animals I have killed with my tow truck and then next to the heads a piece of fender mounted with the dent the animal left. Just macho all the way around.
    I always wanted a mounted squirrel with a nut in his paws.

  6. Thanks for the nice comment Emmie!
    I don’t know if I’m a true artist, but it drawing while waiting does make those everyday tasks that have to be done more fun.

  7. I’m glad you said that! I almost didn’t post the coffee pots, but it’s always interesting to learn what people like to look at. I love looking at people’s sketchbooks, maybe even better than the finished polished work, I guess because it seems to give more insight into personalities.

    Doodling is great, that what most of my pages look like. Go ahead a give yourself permission to have fun with it!

  8. I am still stymied by getting started on drawing. I have been doodling, which is a step in the right direction, I think. I greatly admire your wherewithall to sketch anything and need to think about that and start in small chunks. Thanks for the coffee pots – great inspiration for me, at least.

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