Tornadoes, Oh My


This is a construction of found objects that I made. I find it relaxing and at the same time, energizing, to play with objects like building blocks.

As we approach the anniversary of the terrible ice storm that paralyzed our city last January, we continue to have freaky weather.

Last night was a scary night filled with sirens and a deathly-sounding wind. 35 tornadoes touched down in the Ozarks, one only a few blocks from our studio. Here’s the news story. We had some damage, but nothing compared to others. It tore down some buildings and smashed trucks and a huge Krispy Kreme sign that I always wanted to feature in a quilt about a donut factory. And sadly the mother of one of our clients was killed when a tornado leveled her house.

4 thoughts on “Tornadoes, Oh My”

  1. This is why I prefer living on the coast – either one – of the US. I am so glad that you are ok because I always worry about you when I hear about bad weather in your area.

  2. Pam, that Krispy Kreme is too close to you. How scary. Were you awake when all that happened? I’m so sorry about your client. Tornadoes are so bizzare and unpredictible.

    I liked your idea about a word theme for the year instead of resolutions. I think simplify is something you do that becomes automatic. Certainly you have to be in the mind set to be successful. My friend goes by “Is it useful, memorable, or beautiful. One of my books says that you have to go through your things three times in order to get it all cleaned out. I believe it, although last year I got rid of some beautiful things that I wish is still had.

    I read your friend’s blog and chose my word. It’s ‘savor’. I spend too much time ‘doing’ and not enough appreciating. It seems as though ‘savoring’ would enrich my world. So glad you’re safe.


  3. Glad you are OK…read the news story – how awful. Interesting to read the news story and see how much was written about the quilts. In the UK I doubt very much that they would have been mentioned at all. In general people here (UK) simply don’t appreciate quilting / embroidery at all.

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