Entering Shows: Breaking it down, Step by Step

in-basket.jpgThis is a drawing of my in-basket. I guess I’d rather draw it, than do it!

For weeks I had on my to-do list an item “Send images to Curator.” Actually it was one of several items that have to be done for an invitational show at the Lux Center for the Arts that I’ll be part of this April.

Sounds simple, why was I procrastinating? When I actually did get it done last weekend, here’s some of the nitty-gritty details:

  • Decide I needed to make my selections for submissions visually, so started looking for images of available work in various folders on two different computers.
  • Looking at the images, realize I need to re-photograph some work. Decide there isn’t time so I have to make what I have work.
  • Realized there may be a conflict with other shows that I might want to enter, so make a list of shows and deadlines.
  • Study the criteria for each show and prioritize which I really want to enter.
  • Decide I need a database for the images and all the data of each quilt, i.e. size, date, availability, etc. because all my information is scattered.
  • Start fooling around with trials of two databases I’m considering using: Bento and FileMaker Pro.
  • Decide it will take too long to develop a database right now and go back to using a print-out of an old spreadsheet.
  • Update the spreadsheet with scribbely pencil notes in the margins.
  • Figure out a way to make a computer folder of each show I want to enter, and move thumbnail images between the folders, until I have a satisfactory entry for each show.
  • Analyze the images for quality in Adobe Bridge CS3 (which I’m just learning to use.)
  • Decide on which detail images to include with the full-view image.
  • Resize the images to the requirements of Curator.
  • Send the images in an email.
  • Or in the case of Visions, make a CD.
  • Get the CD in the post to arrive in time. I usually use second day FedEx, because I’m always almost on time…

Oh, so that’s why I didn’t just get that one “item” done between lunch and my afternoon snack. 🙂

Sometimes I think we procrastinate because we haven’t acknowledged that a task on our to-do list is actually a project and needs to be broken down into smaller steps. The smaller steps are do-able, but the overall process can be overwhelming if we don’t break it down.

11 thoughts on “Entering Shows: Breaking it down, Step by Step”

  1. exactly why i blew off the vision deadline last week….I just couldn’t process the steps and didn’t want to spend a whole day doing it! Of course if I spent all the time I spent thinking about whether or not to enter and the justifying to myself why it was okay…..
    My in box is a huge tub!

  2. Hi Angela,
    Thanks for the feedback. Glad I’m not the only one who has an over-flowing in-box. Seems like the quicker you clean it out, the more stuff comes in. Hopefully we will both make some progress!

  3. Pam, your in-box looks just like mine!

    I have been deciding to fully process mine by the end of the week, for the last few weeks, and it keeps on looking just like yours. I’m glad to be is such good company, though.

    Great insight on procrastination!


  4. Pam, you have shamed me as l am like you but since NOVEMBER and l hate doing it, there is also a few bills in mine that l don’t want to see g)Well tonight l am going to decide what shows l am entering but when you finally have done it you end up finding other shows that you like better, so l need a blindfold as well or should l forget about doing them tonight and l could make a funkey blind fold.
    Why isn’t there some software that would jump out and sort it all for me, l find this and back and bindings the very worse to do,can’t you train pamdora to doit for you, can just see her jumping out the pc screen.

  5. Hi Judy,
    I can barely edit the PHP on my blog template, and I’m terrified that I’m going to screw something up. But you’re right in a way, I do use my own website sort of as a database, because I can never remember the dimensions or date it was done, so look on the site!

    Looks like your up to your old tricks, making cool quilts and winning lots of award. Congratulations!

  6. PHP and SQL. Free software, learning curve but you can set up the database on your website and manage it from anywhere (even your iphone!) But that damned learning curve and the time it takes to write it, oh the time! I have converted my database into sql, not I need to remember the password!

  7. Hi Deb, Thanks for the warning! Actually I’m actually liking Bento more, which is a new mac program — I’m using a trial version, due to be released in February.

  8. Yup, I know. It’s sad but true that I have three more basket of old in-stuff sitting on the floor next to the desk. But I’m gonna get the cleaned out if it kills me! 🙂

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