Illustration Friday: Stitch

60min_stitch1.jpg I drew this guy while watching 60 Minutes. It doesn’t work very well to draw people on tv who are in sit-coms, because they all seem to look alike, but news shows have more interesting faces.

Thanks to Jane for getting me motivated to try turning a drawing into a stitched piece. How could I have been about to pass up this week’s Illustration Friday theme?

I almost got the fabric cut and stitched in an hour (sixty minutes — ha ha, get it?) The back is almost as interesting as the front…

60min_stitch2.jpg and here’s the original sketch in pen from my notebook…


6 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Stitch”

  1. Great job! Thanks for turning me on to Jane’s site also. I have seen this style of art and really liked it. I always wanted to give it a try. Anything you can tell me to help get started I would appreciate!

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